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Top 5 Automotive Apps for 2016!

1. Headliner

For the car enthusiast who just loves viewing the very latest automotive news, Headliner is a revolutionary news discovery app that lets you browse the latest car headlines (amongst other genres) and has been billed as ‘Snapchat for News’. The twist?  The headlines are created by real, smart, funny people in 30 second videos providing a new, entertaining way to get your daily car news fix. Be sure to download the app and follow Carhoots!

2. Waze

The go-to app for cars on the road is Waze, which features one of the biggest communities that reports traffic conditions and gas prices to the apps online database. The beauty of Waze is how simple it is. Users just need to have the app open on their phone while they commute.

From there, the app determines where there’s a lot of traffic and whether you should reroute to avoid it.

More active users can add even additional information about what’s holding up traffic, including locations of accidents, police speed traps or road hazards. Waze can also provide alternate routes in case the commonly used road is littered with slow-downs and problems.

You can get Waze for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


3. GasBuddy

Cross-shopping prices at nearby pumps can be easier than ever. Use GasBuddy to find the cheapest fuel around you, helping to save you at least a few bucks per tank. It might not sound like much but over the course of a year, you’ll have saved some serious dough.

You can get GasBuddy for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices.

4. iCarMode

Allowing you to use your dashboard mounted iPhone safely, for $1.99 (about £1.31, AU$2.84) iCarMode offers up a big buttoned display, making it simple for you to activate a music player, call your friends, and check for places nearby.

Custom app shortcuts support apps such as Spotify, Audible, and TuneIn Radio, saving you from having to look at overly small buttons every time you want to make an adjustment on your trip. A night mode means it’ll fit into the aesthetics of your car too.

For older cars, it’s an ideal substitute for built-in dashboard systems that more recent cars offer.


5. Carhoots

Of course we have to feature ourselves! Now the largest social car community has an exciting new app due to be launched in 2016. The Carhoots app will feature the very latest social, viral car content online! Sign up to download & join our community of 2 million swipers today!

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Written by Lewis Shaw


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