Performance of the BMW Z4 sDrive18i

The German company BMW introduced the BMW Z4 sDrive18i as a superb entry level roadster. Many automobile enthusiasts consider it to be a fun sports car, while others find it to be a posh convertible.

Beneath the bonnet of this amazing car is a 2 liter, 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. This is a lower output version of the turbocharged petrol engine as compared to models such as the sDrive20i or the sDrive28i. With a standard 6 speed manual gear and a top speed of 137mph, you can consider the BMW Z4 sDrive18i as one of the relatively modest type of car. But when you look at its performance, it can do an impressive 7.9 for 0-62 time.

Some of the standard equipment that you will find in this car are the Drive Dynamic Control that allows the stability and steering control, along with the ride conform if you have added the Adaptive M Sport suspension. You can toggle between modes such as Normal, Sport or Sport +. It also has Bluetooth, DAB digital radio its folding hard metal top closes and opens in just twenty seconds, and this make the car much quieter than its rivals. This folding top can be operated while you are on the move.

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The manual six speed gearbox of this car is very satisfying to use, while the steering is very well weighted. You may consider it as a great convertible that’s well proportioned and trimmed nicely. It is certainly a car you would want to own if you want to enjoy comfort instead of high speed adrenaline.

This car is definitely a rival for cars such as the Porsche Boxster, Mercedes Benz SLK200 and the Audi TT Roadster. In this classic 2 seater roadster, power is emphasised to its rear wheels. Rather than being a sports car, it features a combination of an easy going nature with sportiness. The level of comfort while riding this car is really smooth. It has firm suspension that can control the body movement well. Here you can adjust the Adaptive M Sport suspension and choose different levels of sportiness or comfort, or you may just leave it on Auto mode, where the car will choose the best mode itself.

Overall, the BMW Z4 sDrive18i is really enjoyable to drive and it has an excellent grip, along with the standard Drive Performance Control.   

Written by Lewis Shaw

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