Off Roading in Texas: Rules & Regulations


When you’ve put on new Jeep all terrain tires and are ready to head off road, you should be aware of the rules and regulations of the Texas Off-Highway Vehicles Program. The state legislature instituted the OHV Program in 2006 to support safer off-road driving. The OHV authorizes vehicles for use on public lands through the use of decals, establishes legal locations for driving on these lands and enforces rules to protect drivers.

OHV Decals

If you want to ride or drive an all-terrain vehicle, dirtbike or any other vehicle that is not road-legal on public lands in the state of Texas, you will need to obtain and display an OHV decal. These decals are priced at $16, and are required by law. The revenue generated through decal sales funds grants to support the development of more off-road driving venues statewide.

Motor Vehicle Use Maps 

Depending on whether public land is classified as state or federal, maps which indicate where motorized vehicles can be legally operated may be available. The U.S. Forest Service issues MVUMs indicating authorized paths, trails and roads for venues such as Black Kettle and McClellan Creek National Grasslands and national forests in the state of Texas.

Where To Learn More

You can find out more about rules and regulations for operating motorized vehicles off road when you shop for truck accessories San Antonio or in any other town or city. It is a good idea to consult with experts who are familiar with the laws in addition to drivers who have first-hand experience on the ground at different venues and locations.

The OHV program requires operators of motorized off-road vehicles to contribute a small fee for a decal and follow the requirements of the program. Illegally operating a vehicle on public land may result in fines or penalties. More specific rules may vary based on venue.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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