Be the Hit of the Truck Stop With These Popular Semi Truck Accessories


One of the interesting parts of driving a semi truck is the opportunity to customize your cabin. In a sense, it is your own little kingdom and your home away from home. There are plenty of practical accessories such as LED marker lights for trucks that are worth buying, but there are also some more exciting, fun accessories you can add to your cabin.

Satellite TV

Don’t miss out on your favorite live TV just because you are on a route. Install a satellite TV antenna and get your favorite shows and sports straight to your cabin. This is exactly the type of accessory that will make other truck drivers jealous. They’ll be wanting to watch their favorite teams play on your awesome TV.

Seat Covers

While a seat cover may not sound exciting at first, there is nothing better than flopping down in a truly comfortable chair. Truck seats tend to start comfortable but get worn down over time. A couple of Volvo, International or Freightliner seat covers will help keep your cabin as comfortable as ever. Many options even include high-end cushioning so you can be as relaxed as possible in your seat.

WiFi Antenna

Set up a hotspot in your truck cabin. You can connect all your devices and stream shows and movies, browse the internet or stay in touch with friends and family. Staying connected is growing immensely important to the trucking business. There is no reason not to enjoy the full value of your internet connection by adding a WiFi hotspot for your phone, console and other devices.


Letting food and drinks sit in a hot cabin is a surefire way to let them get too hot and spoil. Add a mini-fridge to your cabin and enjoy chilled beverages and snacks whenever you please. Entry level models are universal and can cost as little as $100. More advanced models that fit neatly into your cabin with plenty of storage are available for around $1500.


The hot sun beating down on your cabin can make it pretty toasty at times. Adding a truck window shade or two is a great way to keep your cabin a little more comfortable. It is also useful for getting a little extra privacy if you want to catch a nap or simply keep to yourself. A comfortable and private cabin is the perfect place to hang out and enjoy yourself.

DVD/Blu-Ray Player

Get a player to watch all your favorite movies on. Pick some fun road-themed flicks such as “Cannonball Run.” Boredom and downtime can be some of the most challenging aspects of truck driving at times. There is no reason to suffer through dull moments when you could be watching some great films.

Get Started

The real secret to be the hit of the truck stop is simply having a cabin that works for you. You can convert your truck cabin into a private oasis with the right accessories. So, don’t suffer through another long route without the gadget and goodies that will let you be comfortable and entertained. Start accessorizing your semi truck cabin today.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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