Driving Faculty Lets 10-12 months-Olds Drive Supercars

Driving School Lets 10-Year-Olds Drive Supercars



Young gearheads can now get a fix like no other.

Lord only knows what any of us here at CarBuzz would do with a supercar at 17 years old, let alone 10 years old. We can assure you, it would likely end in smoke, fire, and plenty of tears, supposing any of us had the frontal cortex development to make it back alive. But one company in the UK thinks it would be super fun to let children have a go in six-figure supercars.

The cars in question are the Lamborghini Huracan Performante‘s predecessor, the Gallardo Superleggera, and the Ferrari 458 Italia. Without a doubt, each of these cars is supercar royalty. Moreover, 458 values have started to climb in recent years as Ferrari takes its V8 lineup turbocharged. Risky business.



Side View


Yet UK-based TrackDays says it’s happy to let any 10-17-year-old have a go. With adult supervision, of course. For those of you reading Stateside, think of the company as the same as one of the many exotic track day businesses in the USA, but here, you have to be an adult and you have to have a license.

The program is part of TrackDay’s “Junior Platinum Supercar” experience. For up to 6 miles on specially laid out cone courses, these lucky kids will have their pick of either the Gallardo or the 458. At current exchange rates these kids, or more likely their parents, will have to fork over $100+ to get their seat time in some of Italy’s best. The events are held around the UK at 10 different circuits including Anglesey in North Wales and Dunsfold Park in Surrey, the latter frequented by Top Gear.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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Driving Faculty Lets 10-Yr-Olds Drive Supercars