Electrical Hyper SUV Comparability: Lotus Eletre Vs. BMW iX

Electric Hyper SUV Comparison: Lotus Eletre Vs. BMW iX



Can a niche automaker take on the behemoth that is BMW?

Colin Chapman famously described the Lotus ethos thus: Simplify, then add lightness. Company bosses nowadays would probably change that to “Diversify, then add electrification.” One may not necessarily agree with the direction that Lotus has taken in revealing an electric SUV, but just as BMW and Porsche were once heavily criticized for straying from their core principles, Lotus, too, is looking for new ways to guarantee its future, beginning with a full-scale push towards electrification. The Lotus Eletre is the first of four new mainstream EVs to be revealed by the company, and with almost 600 horsepower on tap, we couldn’t help but notice that its output is very close to that of the similarly tech-laden BMW iX M60. So which is better? Let’s find out.


Front View


2022-2023 BMW iX Front View


Exterior Design: Aerodynamic Vs. Egregious

The Lotus Eletre is said to reference the Evija hypercar and Emira sports car in its styling, but we think it looks like a Lamborghini Urus crossed with some sort of Geely. Nevertheless, the design elements integrated into the styling have been integrated so as to improve the efficiency of the vehicle. It measures 200.9 inches in length (nearly five inches longer than the BMW) and boasts a vented hood and front fenders, as well as additional vents in the D-pillar and aft of the rear wheelhouse. These elements along with active front grille shutters, flush door handles, and carbon fiber inserts in the wheels all work together to reduce aerodynamic friction. As for the overall appearance, there’s no denying that the floating roof spoiler, active tailgate spoiler, massaged hood, and athletic profile all make this a truly striking vehicle, and those illegal-in-America wing cameras just put the cherry on top.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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