Ford’s Sensible Site visitors Mild Tech Saves Lives And Reduces Site visitors Congestion

Ford’s Smart Traffic Light Tech Saves Lives And Reduces Traffic Congestion



Connected traffic lights offer numerous benefits.

It’s almost always a chaotic disaster when an emergency vehicle needs to blast through a series of intersections, especially if traffic lights are thrown into the equation. They should always be given the right of way, even when the lights are red, but sometimes confusion can get the best of some drivers. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for an emergency vehicle to be taken out by a fellow road user who simply did not see or hear them.

Ford is on a mission to make sure this never happens again with a new system that plans to integrate emergency vehicles with any city’s traffic light system. The basic principle of the project is for a set of lights to detect an approaching emergency vehicle and adjust to green so that it can get a safe passage through the intersection. It sounds like an easy enough idea, but the setup is rather technical.




Written by Lewis Shaw

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