Jay Leno Will get To Grips With Lamborghini’s Most Hardcore Huracan

Jay Leno Gets To Grips With Lamborghini’s Most Hardcore Huracan



This sure looks as fun as we remember.

Before its inevitable switch to electrification, Lamborghini is going all-out on its fire-breathing naturally aspirated creations. Included in this is the Lamborghini Huracan STO which is the most extreme road-legal variation of the model yet. This special creation benefits from technology curated by the Super Trofeo team to give owners a racing-inspired experience that can be used both on the track and street.

Paying it much admiration is long-time Raging Bull enthusiast Jay Leno, who is joined on his YouTube channel by Lamborghini’s North American CEO, Andrea Baldi. He explains that the STO isn’t just a Huracan with a fancy body kit and that lots of hours were put into ensuring that the weight of the car was reduced by as much as possible.

Jay Leno/YouTube

Jay Leno/YouTube

Jay Leno/YouTube

Written by Lewis Shaw

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