Restricted-Version McLaren Pays Tribute To The Model’s Historical past In Canada

Limited-Edition McLaren Pays Tribute To The Brand’s History In Canada

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Just ten examples of the Canada 10th Anniversary MSO 1/10 will be made.

Purchasing a McLaren must be a truly special affair. But at just under $300,000 for the 720S, this is an experience reserved for the world’s 1%. Affixed to a hefty price tag, the British supercar is set to remain a highly exclusive product but, if you feel the need to heighten the rarity, the brand’s MSO (McLaren Special Operations) department is on-hand to make your wildest dreams come true.

The in-house bespoke service will go to great lengths to please a customer, with makeup mogul Jeffree Star recently taking delivery of his custom, pink-painted 765LT. The specialist department’s latest creation is equally as unique. Canadian McLaren importer Pfaff Automotive Partners has placed an order for 10 limited edition 720S supercars, known as the Canada 10th Anniversary MSO 1/10.

Pfaff Automotive Partners

Pfaff Automotive Partners

Pfaff Automotive Partners

Pfaff Automotive Partners

As you would have undoubtedly gleaned from the lengthy title, the limited-run model will be an homage to the brand’s history, but also a celebration of the marque’s 10th anniversary in the Canadian market. Just one color option is available; MSO’s Pure Black finish with a Stealth-painted wheel. This unique color combo is a nod to the first-ever 12C sold to our Northern neighbors.

Additionally, the Canadian specialties will also receive the brand’s Stealth and MSO Black packages. Spider derivatives are privy to the electrochromatic glazed roof. The dark exterior design is enlivened by McLaren Orange accents; a reference to the brand’s racing history in Canada. Other style-enhancing features include touches from MSO, such as the painted stripe, replete with a maple leaf graphic. This is repeated on the underside of the rear wing as well.

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