Mercedes Put The New GLC Via Hell So It Would not Stop On You

Mercedes Put The New GLC Through Hell So It Wouldn’t Quit On You

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The final development is almost complete.

Mercedes-Benz is hard at work getting its BMW X3-fighter, the GLC-Class, ready for battle. Now in the late stages of development, recent spy shots have caught the car almost completely naked as it gets ready for its full reveal, and from what we’ve seen we’re impressed. But ahead of the imminent unveiling, with the GLC arriving later this year as a 2023 model, Mercedes-Benz has divulged details about some of the strenuous testing the crossover was put through to prove itself, being taken to the brink of death in extreme weather conditions at the demanding test site in Arjeplog, Sweden.





To test the reliability of the next-generation GLC, Mercedes-Benz is pushing its new SUV to the limits in -22 degree Fahrenheit weather. Mercedes is looking to test various elements in extreme cold, such as handling characteristics, thermal management, ergonomics, and interior comfort. The Swedish test center from hell includes test tracks with varying grip levels, skid pans, and hill climbs with gradients of up to 20 percent. These extreme weather tests come after four years of intensive development, and over 11 million miles of driving. The GLC has been tested under extreme conditions in places such as South Africa, Mexico, and Dubai and Mercedes-Benz has maintained a 35 percent/65 percent digital to real-world testing ratio.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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Mercedes Put The New GLC By way of Hell So It Would not Give up On You

Mercedes Put The New GLC By means of Hell So It Would not Stop On You