WATCH: A Hummer EV Carries Out an Impressive Off-Road Jump!

We pity the poor ground below it.

Voltage Vulture, Battery Blaster, and Charge Hog. Those are a few of the names we gave the 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup to describe its terrible efficiency, at least for an electric vehicle. Capable of only 47 MPGe combined, the problem is the Hummer’s immense weight of over 9,000 pounds. Perhaps to assure prospective customers that the truck’s heft isn’t an issue, GMC has just released a new documentary, Revolution, which includes countless scenes of the Hummer EV being aggressively manhandled in the wild. Besides showing off its drifting capabilities and delving deeper into the engineering team’s goals, it also performed a few epic jumps, not something you’d expect to see in a vehicle of this weight.




Written by Lewis Shaw

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