5 Tips for Short Riders Handling Tall and Big Motorcycles


Size matters, and many motorcyclists take pride in having a bike that is particularly big or tall. If you happen to be a rider of shorter stature, though, this probably isn’t the case. In fact, you might even struggle to handle standard bikes and ride them effectively. Though this can be frustrating, there are a few ways to mitigate the problem and get a satisfying riding experience, even on bikes designed for riders who are taller than you. 

Riding Tall Bikes, Even When You’re Short

Though your immediate concern as a short rider might be enjoyment, safety should always come first. These tips are ideal for ensuring you enjoy a bike ride that is both fun and safe, no matter your height:

  • Invest in modifications: Some modifications, such as replacing motorcycle rims and wheels, can make the struggle of a short rider less difficult. New OEM motorcycle fairings can also be useful.
  • Choose the right biking wear: Biking gear might not directly mitigate the struggle of a big bike for a small rider, but it can lessen the chances of injury.
  • Watch your terrain: Some types of terrain and pavement exacerbate the struggle of smaller riders. Watch out for slick terrain where your feet can slip easily.
  • Practice makes perfect: Before you hit the open road, consider taking some time to practice. This can help you see where to adjust your technique and how to handle the bike.
  • Adapt to the bike: You might not be tall enough to walk a bike with both feet touching the ground. If this is the case, adapt to the situation by walking it standing next to it instead

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Written by krunal

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