This Honda Crashes at 178mph and the Driver Survives! (VIDEO)

This Honda Crashes at 178mph and the Driver Survives! (VIDEO)

If you are into your high speed crashes then you will love this video which sees a first gen Honda reach speeds close to 200mph before things go horribly wrong. Unbelievably, while the car was destroyed the driver, Brian Gillespie, was all good!

Check out the video and report from TopGear below:

“Earlier this month, at an SCTA race event in Southern California, he was attempting to get his plucky first-generation Honda Insight past the 200mph barrier.

That was until something went wrong at 178mph.

A small sway to the right sent the Honda into a full-on broadside slide, anchoring the wheels into the lake bed and then into a violent set of high-speed tumbles.

Most of the car was destroyed, but the beefy roll cage remained.

This, as well as the stringent SCTA safety regulations (mandated head-and-neck restraints, side-to-side head support and arm restraints to keep hands inside the car) saved Brian’s life.

He remained conscious throughout the crash and was cut out of the car and airlifted to hospital with a collapsed lung and bruising. He has since been discharged and is back at work. Brian is clearly made of stern stuff.”

‘Stern stuff’ is quite an understatement if you ask us.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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