5 Cars You Want Your Man To Drive This Valentines Day

So it’s that special day of the year that gives you girls out there some much needed winter romance from the love of your life! If you are a few years into your relationship, you will probably find yourself watching TV as you would any other night , perhaps with a token box of chocolates on your lap and a bunch of flowers on the table. 

But if your romance is new, fresh and exciting, your man will have spent hours preparing a special night to whisk you off your feet! The flowers, the chocolates, the jewellery will have been bought, the table to the swanky restaurant booked, you have spent trying to make yourself look like a million dollars and all that is left is for your date to pick you up and drive you into the night sky. The last thing you want after all that is to be picked up in a car that guarantees that on arrival you’ll resemble a drunken scarecrow, so before you get serious, make sure your man travels in style…


The McLaren MP4 12C

Mclaren -mp 4-12c -04

You are certainly a lucky girl if your man picks you up in one of these bad boys! Make sure you are dressed to impress because the Mclaren MP4 12C will certainly get you some attention.



The BMW M3 is a great date choice. It’s comfortable, smooth, a consummate all-rounder, fast but not flashy – although it still exudes a suitably up-market image. 

Mini Cooper S


It might not be as flashy or expensive as the the BMW or Ferrari but you will be sure to have plenty of fun on this date. it’s cute, comfortable, fast and fiendish through the bends; the perfect way to make a cheery first impression.

Porsche Carrerra GT

Jenson Button Porsche

If it is good enough for the girlfriends of Jenson Button then Im sure it is good enough for you! If your man is as smooth as a Porsche then you should be in for a great valentines day!

Flintstones Car!

Real Life -Flintstones -car


Sorry! We just couldn’t resist after seeing this one! Can you imagine been picked up by Fred himself?! It might not be the most glamorous way to travel but you can be sure that your date will have a great sense of humor, and you will have a yabadabatastic night!!!

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