5 Must Have Car Gadgets For Your Car

Whether you have an old banger, a new
sporty model, or something completely customised, you at least need to have one
of our five top gadgets for your car. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a car fanatic;
these gadgets are designed with all passengers in mind. This post was written by 
T W White and sons, who are one of the car dealerships also
on hand to help you find the gadgets that will fit in with your lifestyle and
car usage.

Blame our desire to be more like the suave James Bond, or our thirst to want and have more… Whatever more
is… we don’t care, we just want it. Most car and technology manufacturers are
only all too happy to feed our addiction, rushing to give us more of what we
want along with stuff that we didn’t know we wanted, but can’t seem to live

1. On Board Camera


Who doesn’t want to
film a Bond-style car chase? Well now you can with the GoPro HD Hero3. This
fab boys toy comes with all the mounts you could ever need to stick the camera
to your dashboard or anywhere on the car. Just like they do in Russia!

2. The Road Angel Gem Snooper


No one likes to be flashed. No not by someone in the street, but by a speed camera that is sneakily lurking around that corner as you are slowing down for the new speed limit. This is where a speed camera warning system comes in handy, just like the Road Angel Gem. It’s important to remember, that with ever increasing speed camera density and traffic, any device that makes for safer drivers while saving money is very welcome.

It is in this case, that points do not mean prizes, so something like the Road Angel Gem with its ability to detect laser cameras and speed cameras becomes extremely useful.

3. Backseat TV Monitors


Backseat TV’s are amazing. Simple. Not necessarily
for the driver, but for the passengers, especially little ones! Want to drown
out the constant “Are we there yet?” questions? Then stick a DVD on, even give
them some headphones, and enjoy the peaceful ride.

4. i0 Play 2 In-Car Music Stream 


say your car has Bluetooth already! If not all is not lost, the iO Play2 is for
you. This piece of kit is a new and innovative in-car music streaming and hands
free device. Not only can it connect and integrate all iPods, mobile phones,
MP3 players and Sat Nav systems with a vehicle’s existing audio system, but it
lets you make and receive calls using hands free too. It’s a rather nifty piece
of kit if you ask us!

5. Sound Racer V8 Shelby Cobra


This last gadget had to have a
spot in the top five, just for its awesomeness.Ever wanted to make your car sound like a
classic AC Shelby Cobra? Well now you can with the SoundRacer
V8 Shelby Cobra. All you need to do is plug the SoundRacer into your
vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket and enjoy an exhilarating ride, as real
engine sounds rumble over your car stereo system. Oh yes! The engine sounds
change based on your own car’s alternator pulses, and just like the real thing,
the speed and status of your engine alters the sound you hear! Marvellous I
hear you cry! Oh it really is!

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