What is Carhoots?

We’re a team of luxury automotive and lifestyle enthusiasts working on making luxury automotive discovery easy, entertaining and enjoyable, wherever you are, wherever you go Carhoots aim is to deliver you awesome content right at your fingertips

Carhoots was started in 2012 as a small automotive blog. Today we’re honored to be the most followed automotive influencer on Pinterest that boasts a community of almost 2 million amazing followers, viewing 15 million pin impressions per month and 40,000 email subscribers.

Value of Carhoots

Carhoots is one of the leading automotive publications based in the UK. We are seed-funded and aim to disrupt the automotive media landscape by democratising automotive media and enabling passionate car enthusiasts to publish high-quality content and share their knowledge.

We believe in building the home for automotive enthusiasts and in celebrating the latest and greatest of the car world. This includes insightful tips and tricks for car owners, informative reviews that help you choose your next car in the best manner, fun challenges and a lot more.

As a reader, you can view thousands of insightful articles written by our team of passionate auto writers. We aim to bring you other engaging content including videos, podcasts and much more in the coming months.

If you have always had a burning passion for cars and love writing, contact us! Part of our mission is to empower automotive enthusiasts to create content they would be proud of. So if reviewing exciting cars, digging deep into automotive tech and helping people make the right decision sounds like the dream job for you, we should chat! Not only will we help you make your mark in the automotive world, but we give you complete ownership and rewards for your hard work.

Carhoots is a platform built by car enthusiasts, run by car enthusiasts and meant for car enthusiasts and the general public alike. With an audience of over 2.5 million, we are one of the biggest automotive publications and platforms in the world and this is thanks to our commitment to enable car enthusiasts and petrholheads to share their passion with the world.

Benefits of Advertising

We have 2.1+ million followers on Pinterest and have worked with several automotive brands including major car companies. We have been able to provide spectacular results thanks to the high-quality relevant traffic we are able to drive.

If you are an automotive company or are looking to target the automotive market, Carhoots is your one-stop-shop. Our organic content has proven to get great engagement and conversions thanks to our loyal readers.

Pinterest is one of the leading platforms to drive traffic and with over 10 million monthly views on our Pinterest profile, we have driven relevant traffic to websites with healthy conversions.

Outside of Pinterest, we have a growing community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Thanks to our commitment to publish high-quality content, we have a healthy DA and PA and rank well on Google. Not only does this give our articles a good rank on Google searches, it also means that your brand gets the recognition it deserves.

Part of the larger Vizified Group, we have a proven track record of boosting conversions and traffic across niches and have expertise in launch promotions, sales boosts, growing your user base, and much more.

If you want to drive high-quality, relevant traffic that converts to your webpage or store, look no further than Carhoots. And if you want to work with brands outside the automotive niche, check out Vizified.com! We are always excited to work with brands and add value.