Alain Class Motors: The Best Car Dealership In The World

Surrounded by Rolls-Royces, Ferraris and Lamborghinis galore, Al Ketbi is somehow calm in his surroundings. I for one would be revelling in my childish excitement and running around, oohing and aahing. The hoards of dedicated staff would probably have something to say about that, accustomed as they are to people who are seriously interested in buying another luxury car (to, I imagine, fester unused in a garage—where is the justice? I would love that car so much better).

Alain Class Motors 

Yes, the cars are astoundingly expensive, but that’s not to say that everyone who buys one does so upfront:  70% need a loan or a finance scheme (the shame of it all). Whilst there is some reassurance in knowing that even the mega-rich need a little help to finance a car, it’s a bit of a slap in the face when the car at hand is upwards of £1 million, in some roasting-hot desert city and you’re probably reading this in a baltic Britain, too skint to have the heating on. One particularly noteworthy client of Al Ketbi is a Dubai royal, who has been such a loyal customer, apparently, that he can simply ask to see six or seven cars and they’re immediately driven to him for his perusal. After a couple of days, he gets back with what ones he’ll take and which ones haven’t met his exacting standards. And just like that, business is booming again- although, Al Ketbi is keen to have you know, it’s never really quiet.

Alan Class -Mercedes _SLR_Stirling _Moss   Mercedes SLS Stirling Moss

Bugatti Veyrons
and Porsches are big sellers, naturally. The UAE gentry want to show off their flashy wares in their flashy cars, and with Veyrons and Cayennes on the go, who could blame them? With the seemingly insatiable thirst for supercars that the super-rich (Dubai being one of their main stomping grounds) have, business is booming.

Not only is the showroom on the up, but it’s more than doubling in size in a new location to 10,000 feet. This can only be good news for Al Ketbi’s customer and staff alike (two full-timers to park cars…), with his cheeky line of “business is good” saying it all. Now, let’s get cracking those piggy banks open.

Supercar Showdown
    Super car showdown. Can you name them all?

Bentley Hyperion   A touch of Class: Rolls Royce Hyperion

Mercedes -Benz -SLS-AMG-in -Dubai 
    Showpiece: FAB Design Mercedes SLS AMG

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