Arrinera’s First Ever Supercar Speeding into Production

With car fans demanding more and more excitement, everyday sports cars were never going to be enough to quench their thirst for speed. Consider the drought officially over and enter the Hussarya, Polish company Arrinera’s first ever supercar. Much to our collective chagrin here at Carhoots.com, the car remains in pre-production but it is still a sight to behold.

This mouth-watering car wasn’t just conjured up in a rush to please autophiles, but is the product of 14 months of research at the Warsaw University of Technology. This all lends itself to the Hussarya having an air of being ahead of its time in both form and function and knowing what we know, I’m sure you’ll agree. The sleek little masterpiece goes from 0-62mph in an astounding 3.2 seconds and has a mind-boggling top speed of 211mph. On top of that, the design team haven’t let time get the better of the model, constantly updating the design to keep up with current trends. The car’s body will be in ultra-modern carbon fibre and Kevlar (for that superhero twist- see our Batmobile article), which will make it a bit lighter on the scales at an impressive 1300kg. Adding to its aerodynamic appeal, the rear spoilers flip up to their highest point the instant the brakes are hit in order to function as air-brakes, more usually seen on an aircraft than a car! This is a nifty feature clearly geared towards those with the need for speed – in other words, those of you drooling over your keyboard right now.

Hussarya Side View

Arrinera -Hussarya

Hussarya Rear View

Arrinera -hussarya Rear

Whilst a prototype has been produced, everyone at Arrinera is keeping mum apart from releasing these beautiful renders. When the Hussarya is eventually released next year, a mere 33 will be manufactured to start with. These practice runs will market at a very reasonable $160,000 until the inevitable high demand means full production gets off to a flying start.

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