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Custom Bikes Of The Week: 23 October, 2016

Custom Bikes Of The Week: 23 October, 2016

The best custom motorcycles and cafe racers of the week
A 160-horsepower Ducati hot rod, a truly unique KTM motocross conversion, and a tribute to the iconic Ron Wood ‘big tube’ tracker, based on the Norton Commando. It’s all about performance this week.

Yamaha XS400 by Real Moto Co. A shop’s first build will often set the tone or design language for the creations to follow. Some spinning the spanners may quickly nail the aesthetic for which they’ll be known, but other first timers often miss a beat. Often—but not always.

One look at this Yamaha 1981 XS400, the first bike to roll out of the freshly minted Real Moto Co., and you’d think Dan Stabbings and Jacob Speis had been at it for years. Credit their backgrounds in structural steel fabrication and graphic design (respectively) for the end result of what started as a $600 Craigslist find.…

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