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Custom Bikes Of The Week: 3 December, 2017

Custom Bikes Of The Week: 3 December, 2017

The best cafe racers, scramblers and bobbers of the week
The best-looking Suzuki Bandit we’ve seen in years, a Honda Grom with a 500% horsepower increase, a delicious Bonneville T120 finished in British Racing Green, and an ancient BMW R68 hiding some very sneaky modern upgrades. The custom builders have been smoking some strong stuff this week.

Custom Honda Grom with Yamaha YZ250 engine
Honda ‘Gromaha’ by Jesse Davis Honda’s Grom may have redefined the fun of motorcycling. Riding one, you can’t help but smile incessantly as its miniscule proportions make you feel (and look) like a giant child.

Its tiny motor demands a full twist of the grip, at all times. Unless you’re Jesse Davis, and you’ve shoehorned a Yamaha YZ250 engine into the gap left by the stock Honda 125 mill. Without modifications, the 2-stroke swap takes horsepower from a comical nine to a maniacal 49.…

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