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Custom Bikes Of The Week: 3 September, 2017

Custom Bikes Of The Week: 3 September, 2017

The best cafe racers, scramblers and bobbers of the week
An incredible Ducati 750 Imola replica from Indonesia, a hot-rodded Honda CT70 from the USA, a Bonnie from Spain and a Yamaha XV950R from Germany. We’ve earned a lot of air miles this week.

1977 Honda CT70 Dax custom by DavmoMoto
Honda CT70 by DavmoMoto We’ve always got time for a mini bike, whether it’s a new Honda Grom or an older machine like this Honda CT70 from the 1970s. David Morales of DavmoMoto shares our passion, with a stream of little wonders coming out of his workshop in Denton, Texas.

This CT70 is tuned for performance, with an engine bored and stroked out to a mighty 117 cc. David’s also added a race head, and he’s stoken the carb and intake from a CT90. The exhaust system is a complete mongrel: a Norton Commando header is mated to a Honda Z50 muffler, de-baffled…

The engine cradle has been modified to fit the bigger mill, and there’s discreet bracing to offset the power boost.…

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