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Custom Bikes Of The Week: 8 October, 2017

Custom Bikes Of The Week: 8 October, 2017

The best cafe racers, scramblers and restomods of the week
A man on a mission to recreate the notorious 1919 Excelsior OHC boardtrack racer, the return of the Triumph Speedmaster, and a gold-themed BMW bobber from Portugal. Plus a perky pair of new builds from Speedtractor of Tokyo. We’re celebrating diversity this week.

Yamaha SRV250 cafe racer by Speedtractor
Yamaha SRV250 by Speedtractor If you are ever lucky enough to see a Yamaha SRV250 in the wild, you might notice a sticker on the sidepod that reads ‘Soulful V Twin.’ when hotted up with twin carbs and a more aggressive cam, Yamaha’s mid-nineties modern classic was more than just a Virago with window dressing: it was a bona fide performer.

Which is one of the reasons Matt Roberts and his Speedtractor crew have created ‘Odd Job’ here.…

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