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Custom Bikes of the Week

Custom Bikes of the Week

The best custom motorcycles of the week
A drop-dead gorgeous BMW from Austria, a KTM from Columbia, and a machine with the worst name ever given to a motorcycle. These are the bikes that got us excited this week.

Custom BMW R100R by Vagabund
BMW R100R by Vagabund Vagabund is a new Austrian workshop. Established only this year, their design philosophy is simple: to enhance the essence and magic of classic motorcycles, and create unique pieces of art. And judging by this BMW R100R, we’d say they’re doing an impeccable job.

From one hundred yards out, you can spot this bike is special. Every line is clean. Every angle is complemented. The two-tone tank is understated, and perfectly juxtaposed to the airhead below. And speaking of that engine… Every silver-trimmed fin, from header mount to block, shows levels of restraint usually reserved for industry veterans.…

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