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Dual-Sport Dynamite: Moto Mucci’s Husqvarna TE 570

Dual-Sport Dynamite: Moto Mucci’s Husqvarna TE 570

Moto Mucci's Husqvarna TE 570
Dave Mucci popped up on our radar five years ago with his first build, a slinky CX500 that revealed the potential of Honda’s much-maligned V-twin. By his own admission, it was a “low-budget, quick turnaround build”—but it was a hit, and anyone who’s built a CX500 since has undoubtedly pinned it to their inspiration board.

The secret to this success lies in Dave’s background; he’s a trained industrial designer, with a sensational eye. Since building the CX, space in the Moto Mucci studio has been dominated by client work. But he’s finally managed to build another personal bike—with more time, a bigger budget and a head full of new ideas.

Dave’s CX was designed to traverse Chicago’s city streets…but he’s now based in Portland, Oregon, so his needs have changed.…

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