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Editor’s Choice: An Alternative Top 10

Editor’s Choice: An Alternative Top 10

Editor's Choice: An Alternative Top 10 Customs of 2015
The traditional annual Bike EXIF Top 10 is governed by web traffic, social shares and links. It’s a reliable snapshot of what both regular readers and casual visitors enjoy.

But relying on cold, hard data means that some very worthy custom motorcycles don’t get the exposure they deserve. Several of my own favorites are in the 2015 Top 10, but others aren’t. So for the first time, here’s an Editor’s Choice. It’s purely subjective and there’s no ranking order.

An extraordinary custom Yamaha XS650 built by the English workshop Auto Fabrica.
Auto Fabrica Type 6 It’s been a huge year for the London workshop. We featured three Auto Fabrica bikes, but the standout has to be this Yamaha XS650. It’s one of the most balanced and minimal customs we’ve ever seen, with streamlined bodywork in 2.5mm aluminum and a swooping exhaust system to match.…

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