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Getting started with motorcycle welding, Part II

Getting started with motorcycle welding, Part II

Working on your motorcycle: How to weld safely
Whether you’re customizing a bike or building your own work stand, welding is a great skill to have. In Part One of this guide, we covered some theory, and looked at the various welding processes and machines you might want to consider.

This week, we’re diving right in with the basics of how to get started. And first up is safety: welding is an activity that carries specific risks, so read carefully before you get started.

Welding safety gear by Lincoln Electric
Protective clothing Melting metal generates a lot of heat. When you’re arc or MIG welding, sparks and slag will be flying all around you—so the first step is to protect yourself from burns with appropriate clothing. Cover up from head to toe in natural fibers like wool or cotton, as synthetics melt when exposed to high temperatures, and will leave a nasty burn on your skin.…

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