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Gird Yourself: El Solitario’s street legal dirt tracker

Gird Yourself: El Solitario’s street legal dirt tracker

Pluto: The El Solitario x Zaeta dirt track racer
Batten down the hatches and don your flak jacket: The purveyors of the world’s most hated motorcycles are back. This time, the infamous El Solitario crew has done unspeakable things to… a Zaeta.

That’s right, you’re looking at a Zaeta 530 DT: A street-legal flat track racer powered by a 528cc DOHC single, making close to 60 hp and weighing a meager 255 pounds (115 kilos). It’s perfect for going sideways around a dirt track—and wholly inappropriate for long distance road trips.

So that’s exactly what El Solitario did. Once they finishing working their black magic on the Zaeta, they took it on a 1000-mile tarmac jaunt and raced it at Dirt Quake V.

Shop boss David Borras tell us how it all started: “I think it was in the Sideburn blog where I first saw the Zaeta, maybe five years ago,” he says.…

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