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Mighty Mouse: The indispensable Dremel tool

Mighty Mouse: The indispensable Dremel tool

Tools for your motorcycle workshop: The Dremel rotary tool
This week, I want to talk about one of the most indispensable tools in my shop: the Dremel rotary tool. I love Dremels. I don’t get paid to write that—I buy all my own Dremel tools, and whether it’s the Dremel brand or not probably doesn’t matter.

This rotary tool is simply a high-speed motor with a small chuck at the end to grip the shanks of various accessories. The combination of high-speed and specific accessories to cut, grind, sand, carve, brush and polish (have I missed any?) makes the multi tool incredibly useful for motorcycle work.

As with any cutting tool, the general concept is simple: a harder material can be used to cut (or grind) a softer material.

The Dremel Multipro rotary tool
My current Dremel MultiPro This is the third one I’ve owned in around 15 years.…

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