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New and Noted: Motorcycle Gear

New and Noted: Motorcycle Gear

New motorcycle gear recommended by Bike EXIF.
Killer new helmets from Nexx, a vintage-styled parka motorcycle jacket, and old-school leather pants made by a sexagenarian Portuguese leatherworker. This is the motorcycle gear we’re coveting right now.

NEXX XG100 motorcycle helmets
Nexx XG100 helmets Founded at the turn of the century, Nexx quickly made a name for itself with futuristic, lightweight helmets. The technology is pretty amazing: the Nexx Carbon Pure in XL size weighs a mere 1365 grams (a smidge over three pounds).

The Portuguese company has now turned its attention to the ‘retro’ market with the XG100, which is filtering into stores as we speak. It’s a new spin on the classic full-face look—and there are several versions available with eye-catching graphics. Pricing ranges from $400 to $450 depending on the paintwork; we’ll take the blue ‘Muddy Hog’ with red visor, thanks.…

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