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Talking strategy with Harley’s marketing director

Talking strategy with Harley’s marketing director

Streetfighter, Livewire and Pan America: Harley’s strategy explained
All eyes are on Harley-Davidson right now. When the Motor Co. dropped its bombshells earlier this week, the online motorcycling community instantly lost its collective mind.

Two motorcycles stole the show: the production-ready LiveWire due next year (above), and the adventure touring Pan America (below) due in 2020. Harley also teased future ‘Streetfighter’ and ‘Custom’ models, based on the same platform as the Pan America. It’s a new platform that’ll include four displacements, from 500 cc up to 1,250 cc.

Harley Pan America prototype
Harley’s press release posed as many questions as answers. So we pitched a few curve balls at H-D International Marketing Director, Steve Lambert.

As expected, he was tight-lipped on some points. But he did explain why Harley-Davidson is branching out so suddenly, how he feels about the flak that arrives with every new model release, and what Harley’s strategy has in common with Porsche and Bentley.…

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