Audi Makes Marketing Awesome With The R8 V10 Plus

Marketing – particularly when it comes to cars – generally involves painting a rather boring picture of roses and rabbits in a quiet picturesque field that has pretty rainbows sprouting from its healthy greenery.

Things that all make us think the car in question is a bit like Mary Poppins, very kind and very calm, if a bit boring. Quite often you’ll see MPG’s, capped priced servicing and finance offers mentioned in car advertisements, maybe you’ll see some slightly spirited driving.

       the new Audi R8 V10

It’s not often that you see a 550hp V10 supercar on the dyno, flying through all the gears at flat chat while shooting the occasional mesmerizing blue flame from its glowing exhausts. That V10 sounds uh-may-zing!

So, get your head out of the books, put what ever dreary activity you might be doing on pause and do take a moment to indulge in one of the greatest engine notes around – the Audi R8 V10 Plus.



By Aiden Taylor ( @AidenT_RD )

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