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Audi Unleashes Second Teaser and it Doesn’t Look like the New TT; What is it?

Audi recently teased the revealing of a new model, though they were very evasive in regards to given even the slightest details as to what it is. Now, a second teaser video is out, and this time we decided it was worth pausing and printing the screen, then playing with the brightness and contrast of the shots. 
The result is what you see after the virtual jump, a small collection of five photos that show us a car with a Quattro badge and yellow seat backs, but one that according to Audi’s only hint has a number in its name, so it can’t be the production-spec Quattro model or the all-new TT.From the side it looks quite high off the ground, so it could be a new Q-badged model, since the German manufacturer stated its goal of concentrating on expanding its crossover and SUV range.

If you know what the car is or have some better idea than we do, feel free to share in the comments section below. Otherwise, we’re forced to wait until the official reveal of the model, planned for February 12.

By Andrei Nedelea

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