Build Your Own Alfa Romeo 4C Online And Watch It Ride

The Alfa Romeo 4C US release date is getting closer. Now, you can wet your appetites with a Alfa Romeo 4C Configurator that lets you build and drive your own 4C.

If you have the money to buy a $54,000 then this is great!…start building your future 4C now. Those who are ‘dreamers’ (why not?) can also enjoy the fun and play around with this cool new Configurator. 

The options are limited to the exterior style and you can change the look of your 4C with different wheels, the body kit, colors and headlights. Buyers can then preview the look of their digital 4C’s via a slick video feature for the configurtator. Watch your finished Alfa ride through a deserted desert and all you can hear is purr of the 4C engine.



The 4C is expected to reach the US in the summer of 2014 and a base price of $54,000. With a turbocharged, 1.75 litre four-cylinder engine, lightweight carbon fiber body, and beautiful styling, the 4C is an amazing sportscar buy. Not only is it stunning but the spec sheet reads well, too. Carbon tub, 895kg dry weight, 237hp, 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds. 

Want more of an insight? Lets have Chris Harris review…


It’s already making waves in Europe after rave reviews (see above) and also it setting an awesomely fast Nürburgring  lap time of 8 minutes, 4 seconds. This broke the lap record for cars with engines producing under 250hp!

The 4C’s USA launch can’t come soon enough. In the meantime, check out the configurator here.


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