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How Not To Do A Burnout (GIF)

How Not To Do A Burnout

This driver said “all this truck was good for was doing burnouts.” Not so much.

This video comes from Facebook, and that means I can’t embed the thing. So just click RIGHT HERE and watch the wheelhopping glory yourself.

The vid was posted on the Knoxville Car Enthusiasts page with the caption

I recorded this massive burnout Saturday night at the Clinton hwy meet. He said all this truck was good for was doing burnouts

The poster went on to explain that the old Chevy was a four speed manual and, uh, things didn’t end well for the guy.

He told us he broke down on Callahan and had a twisted drive shaft and broke 2 leaf springs hahahaha he said he told his dad he hit a huge pot hole

Well, his truck might be bad at burnouts, but it is surprisingly good at twerking, so it’s got that going for it.

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