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The start of March hasn’t disappointed as we’ve had another epic week for viral car videos. This week see’s a Subaru impressive overtaking move, the launch of the beautiful LaFerrari, a man locking his keys in a Koenigsegg plus many more.

1. WRX Driver Overtakes Backwards 


This week, somewhere snowy in Russia, a Subaru Impreza WRX driver attempted an overtake which er, went rather well. He did an elegant – as elegant as a WRX gets, anyway – 360 degree spin as he sailed past the slow poke blocking his lane, fortunately he recovered from the spin with relative ease and continued to roar up the road like a moron seemingly un-phased by what just happened.

2. Ferrari LaFerrari Launch Video 


If you’re a keen reader of our blog you’ve probably already seen, and heard this incredible LaFerrari video, but it can’t hurt to watch it again, can it? Didn’t think so. The LaFerrari has 950hp does 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds and 0-186mph in less than 15 seconds. So yeah, it’s no slouch.

3. It’s F#ck!ng Mental – XCAR On The Lamborghini Veneno


Our thoughts exactly. Ferrari and McLaren brought hybrid green machines to Geneva this year, those hippies. Lamborghini on the other hand didn’t bother with the whole saving the environment nonsense and instead went old fashioned and made something that appeals to five year olds.

4. It’s bloody mad.

Man Locks Keys In £400k Koenigsegg


Relax, relax, this isn’t a video of some inconsiderate hooded youths trying to break into a lovely Koenigsegg. Instead it’s a simple case of more money than brains because this man has locked his keys in the car!

5. Wall: 1. Ferrari 458: 0 


We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but another one of the gorgeous Ferrari 458’s has sadly perished. This time on a slippery Italian motorway, the 458 was attempting to overtake what you might call the dawdling camera car when the driver – who clearly wasn’t as skilled as the Subaru driver above – lost control and spun into a wall. The crowd (the people in the car, at least), said things in their sensational Italian language, which for some reason makes everything OK again.

By Aiden Taylor ( @AidenT_RD )

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