Celebrity Car Commercials :: Eddie Murphy Toyota Celica | (VIDEO)

This is AWESOME! A blast from the past with Eddie Murphy in the Toyotal Celica Commercial…

Usually the A-list Celebrities are seen in the best cars on the planet (or the standard Prius for those pretending to love the environment), if they are to be seen to be driving anything other than a Porsche or Ferrari they are usually in Japan making an embarrassing commercial with Toyota, in the hope that nobody will see it!!! So… let us Introduce Eddie Murphy with a blast from the past in the Japanese Toyota Celica commercial.

“I dig that super sound system!!”…

This is almost a real life version of Joeys ‘Lipstick For Men’ commercial in friends….

If you guys can find any more embarrassing Celeb commercials with cars, give us a tweet @carhootsuk.

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