Christmas Car Gifts

Well for the moment you can relax, carhoots is here to help – at least with gift ideas for car lovers! Whether you want to splash the cash on a loved one, help a novice driver get on their way or need some novelty stocking filler/Secret Santa ideas we’ve got a list to suit all! And the best part is, it’s all available online – don’t say we’re not good to you!


Chances are your car lover will already have some kind of Sat Nav but if they could do with an upgrade why not try a new high tech model which does more than just navigate to A to B, such as the TomTom GoLive which offers access to live traffic cameras, IQ Routes technology weather and faster, more responsive route planning.


Alternatively, for the eco-friendly drivers among us; the Vexia Econav claims to save petrol and reduce CO? emissions. It calculates the most fuel efficient routes and can give the driver a telling off for abusing the brakes or not changing gear at the optimum time (depending on the sensitivity setting).

For The Commuter

For those that spend hours in their car a week why not treat them to something to make their journeys a little easier:

The Contigo Auto Seal Travel Mug is perfect for those who like to get their early morning caffeine kick on the move. Not only is it 100% leak and spill proof, the mug is much safer for drivers as it opens when a finger is placed over the sensor and automatically closes – so no need for faffing about with lids and inevitably spilling hot liquid on yourself.

Contigo -west -loop -autoseal -travel -mug -1

Why not offer them a bit of relaxation in their commute with a heated massaging seat cover – a variety of massage options and a self-heated seat for chilly winter mornings. What better way to un-wind on the way home from a stressful day.

Heated Seat Cover

The amazing jelly stick pad is great for all drivers, but especially those with pockets full of gadgets, loose change, wallet, sunglasses, etc which end up flying back and forth over the dashboard! It moulds to any surface and doesn’t leave half of itself behind on removal.

Amazing -jelly -sticky -pad

For those who want to be able to use their phone safely (and legally) in their car but do not want to be attributed with the stereotype of Bluetooth headset users, try the Jabra CRUISER Speakerphone – an easy to use, sleek speaker which attaches to the cars sun visor. The speaker is rechargeable and portable so can also be used in the home or office – perfect for those with an intense workload; they’ll never need to hold the phone to their ear again!


For the Novice:

There are many car kits on the market such as breakdown, winter, car cleaning and maintenance. The AA has a great range with a variety of prices to help prep new drivers prepare for any situation. Alternatively, you could steal ideas from all of these and make your own hamper with everything they could possibly require!

Novelty Gifts:

Whether for a stocking filler, Secret Santa or an additional funny gift there are a range of car-related products on the market, these are just a few ideas:

  • Why not give the gift that keeps on giving – a magazine subscription for their preferred interest such as TopGear or Classic Cars.
  • Perfect for the festive season – a self-breathalyser allows drivers to check they are safe to drive home the morning after the Christmas Party! They come in a range of sizes and prices from cheap keychain models, to more accurate, expensive ones.
  • Novelty Tax Disc holders are a cheap stocking filler and there are a huge number available cheaply online- why not search for their favourite TV character, animal or football team.

Hopefully you’ve managed to find a suitable gift for the car fanatic in your life! The links provided are to give you an over-view of the product and guide price – don’t forget to shop around for those Christmas Bargains!

And lastly – Merry Christmas from Carhoots.com!

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