Clarkson, Hammond and May meet with former TopGear producer

Clarkson meets with former TopGear producer

Former TopGear hosts Clarkson, Hammond and May have held a secret meeting with Top Gear producer Andy Wilman who quit yesterday. 

The Top Gear lads Clarkson, Hammond and May have been spotted together for the first time since the Clarkson fracas along with Top Gear producer Andy Wilman.

Wilman, a longtime friend of Clarkson’s, officially resigned from his position as producer at Top Gear yesterday, sparking rumours that they may be planning a rival show to the original Top Gear which is set to be reinvented for 2016.

James May also officially resigned from the BBC last week, leaving only Hammond with a formal contract with the broadcaster. However, given the secret meeting held with the three presenters and producer Andy Wilman, it’s expected Hammond will follow his co-presenters move away from the BBC. At this stage all signs point towards the group starting their own motoring show in a similar structure to the Top Gear that we know and love only under a different name obviously. More details will likely come to the surface in the coming months.

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