Contributing to Carhoots (Sponsored Post With Do-Follow Link Back)

Carhoots is an anomaly in the world of automotive media publications. We strive to engage and stimulate our audience through unique and curated viral content that facilitates discussion amongst luxury automotive and lifestyle enthusiasts.

Over 2 Million Pinterest Followers

15 Million Monthly Pin Impressions

100,000 Email Subscribers

Domain Authority

What We Seek

Carhoots contributing writers are carefully selected based on a combination of talent, experience, and passion. We’re looking for more contributing writers to share their unique perspectives on the automotive world. 

You’ve seen the content we produce and curate. So if you want to review a car; want to share a kick ass video or photo; want to share some news, then send us an article and we will put your content and your brand in front the Carhoots community.

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Why Write For Carhoots

With our wide variety of luxury automotive content, Carhoots allows our writers’ voices to be heard. Getting published on Carhoots places your content in front of the 15 million Pinterest and website viewers and over 40,000 email subscribers, as well those on our many social media platforms.

When you write for Carhoots you become part of a unique collective of writers and a close knit team committed to creating content that entertains and informs car lovers across the world. We are picky about the content we publish to our followers but if you are creative and passionate we love to promote your personal name or blog to the masses.

Editorial Guidelines

Top 10 type lists (video, gifs, and image formats) welcomed
Personality and opinion encouraged
Entertain, engage & educate readers
Author credit and link to personal blog & social media profiles

Submissions should be well written, edited and original. There is no formal word count, if you want to write an article 500–2000 words long then go ahead and express yourself. But if you want to drop a hot video, image or meme with a short piece of commentary attached then that is great too.

If you’re interested, Please email for Sponsored posts price.