Could Nissan’s 3E Be Google Glass For Drivers? (VIDEO)

Could Nissan's 3E Be Google Glass For Drivers? (VIDEO)

Nissan is due to unveil an exciting new product this week called 3E,  potentially a competitor to Google Glass. 

Check out their promotional video which shows their web-enabled eye display. It is due to be revealed at the Tokyo auto show, so watch this space.

We’re not certain how big the competition will be between the two products. The 3E looks very different to Google Glass. It has a much bigger block-like frame, that extends further around the user’s head, in comparison to Google’s design that looks like a pair of glasses without lenses. They also use different sides of the body, with Google sending images to the right eye and Nissan to the left. 

We’ll provide more information on the features of the 3E when we find out more. Google Glass is set to go into production next year, so we’re confident that the 3E will at some point too, especially as Japan is so into technology! What we do know is that both products are going to face scrutiny due to safety fears about using them whilst driving. 

NISSAN 3E “birth”


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