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Dodge Challenger Hellcat vs fighter jet drag race (VIDEO)

Challenger Hellcat vs Fighter jet

America’s most powerful production muscle car, the 707hp Challenger Hellcat takes on a fighter jet in an epic race down the runway.

It’s the classic fast car versus some other kind of vehicle race, only the other vehicle isn’t a motorcycle or a boat or even a helicopter. No, the other vehicle is a deadly F16 fighter jet flown by one of the handiest pilots in the business.

The Challenger is the most powerful production muscle car in the world and its mental 6.2-litre supercharged V8 develops a staggering 707hp. SRT claim the Hellcat can hit 60mph in the low three seconds range and cover the quarter mile in a scarcely believable 10.8 seconds. This is a ten second car that you can buy from any Dodge dealership for less than $60,000 with a warranty. They say it even handles relatively well, but lets be honest, the Hellcat is all about going in a straight line fast. Really fast. Which is why the people at Road and Track magazine had a Challenger Hellcat delivered to an airport in Miami to see whether the mighty muscle car would stand a chance against the king of the skies – the F16.

Check out the video to see which high horsepower monster comes out on top.

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