‘Eleanor’ From Gone In 60 Seconds Just Sold For $1.1 Million

‘Eleanor’ From Gone In 60 Seconds Just Sold For $1.1 Million

The Ford Mustang GT500 or “Eleanor” as you may know her, has just sold for $1.1 million dollars at an Indianapolis auction.

Despite Nicolas Cage’s fine acting, many fans of the film consider the Eleanor Mustang the real star of the film. In fact, it was the main prize of the film, an object of desire and Memphis’s (Nicolas Cage). Memphis infatuation with the car is not only brought about from the cars devine beauty and raw power but he had unsuccessfully tried to steal the in the past but each attempt ended badly.

“Donny: Eleanor is Memphis’ unicorn.
Freb: What’s a unicorn?
Donny: A fabled creature? You know, the horse with the horn? Impossible to capture?”

‘Eleanor’ From Gone In 60 Seconds Just Sold For $1.1 Million

Eleven Mustangs were created for the movie, although only three of these were working cars, and two of these were destroyed during filming. The Mustang sold at the auction is actually not the car used for filming but the “hero car,” used for Gone in 60 seconds film promo work.

Now, watch a chase scene from the film to see why “Eleanor”  is the only Ford Mustang in history to receive star title credit in a movie.

‘Eleanor’ From Gone In 60 Seconds
Ford Mustang GT500 – Power came from a 5.7-liter V-8 engine, with a booming 400 horsepower.

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