End of Extortionate Insurance Rates for Young Drivers in Sight!

Young people of the world rejoice! The UK government is backing a new scheme to create vehicles tailored specifically for younger drivers. With the main bugbear of the group being the extortionate insurance rates they’re saddled with, the Car for Young Drivers scheme envisages a car which radiates cool as well as being affordable, something we here at Carhoots know about all too well. Price-wise, it is hoped the hybrid models will come in at under £10,000 when they hit the markets in about 5 years’ time but the cost-efficiency, and array of great features, doesn’t stop there.

A whopping £56 million has been set aside for the scheme (both by the government and the private sector) to get young people on the road in fresh yet accessible cars, all with the added benefit of being affordable too! An onslaught of safety features means the vehicles can be categorised in a different insurance group, allowing a collective sigh of relief from cash-strapped young people (or their parents!). The quadricycles will compete with existing microcars such as the Smart range, but the creators hope the promise of cheaper start-up and running costs will lure their target market. It is anticipated that the CYD will be the first vehicle to include a black box-style system as standard, letting insurers know in real time how drivers are faring on the road. Its frame is to be lightweight yet durable, lowering any damage if a crash were to happen, which is handy considering statistics show one in five young drivers has an accident within six months of passing their test.

Renault -Twizy -7

The CYD is by no means the first of its kind. City cars might be a relatively new concept, but they’re gaining traction. Toyota’s AYGO is a driver-and-passenger-only affair, with its appeal coming from its conveniently small size and similarly tiny price. The Renault Twizy is another viable competitor, despite the lukewarm response to it. Reviews said it wasn’t fit for the task at hand, driving effectively in a city, and that’s hopefully where the CYD will up the game.

Toyota -aygo

So it seems the future for young drivers is bright and green! Increased safety twinned with lowered costs can only be a good thing for the next generation of people batting it out on Britain’s roads. And with the CYD in planning stage, we can only excitedly guess what futuristic twists they’ll come up with.

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