10 Ways To Get Out Of A Driving Ticket!

We have all been there… the regretful moment when you are pulled over by the police because you were being a little naughty on the roads! You are going to do your best to worm your way out of a speeding ticket, parking ticket or any other ticket especially if you feel a punishment is a little harsh. If you have being seriously dangerous behind the wheel you should pay the price!! But because we feel your pain at those unjust issues, we thought we would share a list of helpful tips produced by likes.com to give you a chance of getting out of a driving ticket!

#10 – Start The Small Talk After The Basics


Officers will usually ask you for your license and registration before anything else. Don’t be too obvious in trying to get out of a ticket and start the small talk ‘after’ the officer has returned to your car after running the checks on your vehicle plates. 

#9 – Don’t Cry


This is probably one for you female drivers out there (we hope!) who are particularly good at turning on the water works for a little sympathy now and again. This might work, but if you go over board you could really start to annoy the police officer even more! It’s a risky tactic!

#8 – Act Innocent (ala Jessica Alba)


If you tell an officer that you were aware of why they have pulled you over they won’t think twice about teaching you a lesson! Stay calm and act like this is a very rare mistake! If you can do the ‘Jessica Alba innocent Hollywood star act like when she got pulled over, then you have a good chance of making this one work!

#7 –  Flirt a Little! (ala Ross and Rachel)


Ladies, this one probably only works for you and only on male officers. Don’t go overboard and keep it innocent. You have all seen the ‘Friends’ episode when Rachel gets pulled over right? This isn’t a bad way to go! Guys… don’t do what Ross does! It won’t work!

#6 – Be Prepared


If you look disorganised and a mess when it comes to handing your documents over, the cops won’t appreciate you making them wait! Have your documents stored somewhere easily accessible to that you can be taken seriously!

#5 – Check the Parking Ticket


You guys will love this one… If traffic/parking wardens don’t fill out your ticket correctly you are off the hook!! If you ever recieve a ticket, check the details, including; make of the vehicle, license plate number, address where it happened, accurate date and time and the signature of the officer that wrote it.

#4 – Be Honest (ala Harry and Lloyd)


With all the above in mind, remember that Police Officers have seen it all before, so as much as you should never plead guilty when pulled over, you should be honest and show the officer you can take responsibility for your actions. Otherwise they will know you are lying which could really get their back up!

#3 – Ditch The Attitude & Swallow Your Pride


As much as you may feel hard done by, an officer is just a human being doing his job, so if you have an attitude and push things the officer will push back with issuing you the ticket and maybe even more. It hurts to suck up to an officer, but you have to be their best friend and admit your mistakes if you want to get out of it!

#2 – Ask to See The Radar


With the above said, it might not harm to ask to see the facts before you accept defeat. Ask to see the officers radar for proof of your speeding. This will show that you really were unaware of how fast you were going and you might even find that you weren’t speeding after all! Wouldn’t that be something! Remember to play the game though… lose the attitude and remain innocent and intrigued to see how fast you were really going!

#1 – The Secret To Success…. DRIVE SAFE!


The best way to get out of a ticket? Don’t get pulled over in the first place. To avoid speeding problems in the future just remember to always keep your speed less than 10 mph over the limit at all times. Pay your parking meter and don’t use your mobile phone and don’t drink drive!

#Bonus – If All Else Fails…

If all else fails you could try what our good friends Harry and Lloyd did in the movie Dumb and Dumber… but let us know how you get on with that one… classic.

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