20 Ways To Find The Best Car Insurance Quote 

When shopping for the best car insurance deals, we often ask ourselves “what is the average car insurance cost”, how do I know if I am getting the best deal for
myself? After you have just saved money on buying a cheap new car, you
don’t want to waste money on overpriced insurance right?

So, just as Carhoots aims to make
it easier for you to research, buy and sell a car
, we have compiled a list of
20 simple ways to you help find the best car insurance…



Buy Car insurance Online

Buy Your Car Insurance Online

If you are still
doing your business over the phone, we urge you to turn your computer on… It
will save you money! Most insurers offer discounts for customers online because
it is cheaper for them to automate the service which means it is cheaper for

Shop Around Online For The Best Deal

Before you buy online, make sure you have shopped
online. It sounds obvious, but don’t just go with the first insurer you find.
There are a number of great comparison sites that will make it easy for you to
see the best quote.

Confused.com, gocompare.com and comparethemarket.com are the UK’s leading comparison sites.
While Insurance.com and Carinsurance.com are great U.S sites to choose from.

Do Not Auto-Renew Your Insurance!!!

Another HUGE reason you should shop around and
check comparison sites is to avoid increased premiums and even renewal fees.
Yes, you heard, some companies ‘charge’ you to stay with them and give their
cheapest fees to new customers! 
We saw a great example which sums this up perfectly at www.moneysavingexpert.com;

“Nothing better illustrates car insurers preying on
slavishly loyal customers than Sarah Coopers Tweet… “My car insurance renewal
is £1,200. New policy with same company is £690. How do they justify this?”
They don’t justify it, they just do it!”

Take note from this… Make sure you know when your renewal
date is and prevent it from happening. You will save money from taking out
another policy elsewhere or haggling down the price of your current premium. If
they give new customers cheaper fees… then become a new customer your self!

Get Quotes For Specialist Car Insurers

There are a number of insurers out
there who offer cheaper terms for certain people, particularly if you are a
young/student driver or a female driver. Although many of these companies are
sometimes still more expensive than leading insurers it is definitely worth
checking before hand when you are shopping around.

Diamond.co.uk and GirlMotor.com are great for you girls out there.

5) Do Not Search
Average Car Insurance Costs

This can be a good way to compare rates from various
insurance companies, but remember… the average cost is made up of the cheapest
rates along with the most expensive premiums as well as those with minimum
cover policies and extensive protection policies. It is therefore not an
accurate measure of finding the best price you can get.

http://www.compuquotes.com/average-costs-of-insurance.html#auto give you more information on this.

Check All Cover Types

In most cases it
will be cheaper for you to go for a basic type of cover, particularly if you
are a young driver with a car that is valued as much as your excess. But
nevertheless, Make sure you don’t settle for less cover without
even checking more extensive cover quotes.

Whether you are in the U.S or UK, sometimes there
isn’t much difference in Comprehensive and Collision etc (U.S), or Fully
Comprehensive and Third Party Fire And Theft (UK) – Get quotes for both and see
if the difference is worth paying for.

To find out more about what each cover does and
what cover is right for you check out:

U.S – http://auto.howstuffworks.com/buying-selling/car-insurance1.htm

UK – http://www.moneysupermarket.com/car-insurance/policy-types/



7) Choose You Car With Care

Ok, if you have already bought a car, this may come a little too late…But for
those of you that haven’t, if you want a cheap insurance deal buy a car that
has cheap rates.

Basically, insurance companies group cars into 50
groups. And a car is categorized based on a number of factors, which include
the value of the car, the cost of repairs, and of course the speed and engine

So you guessed it…the higher the insurance group,
the higher the price of your car insurance!

It will save you money to check which group a car
belongs to. Insure.com have a created a great list for the most expensive and cheapest cars to insure at

8) Don’t Add Modifications To Your Car

In line with ‘Choosing your car with care’  – For you boy racers out there, your
insurance group can change if you add alloy wheels, tinted windows, sound
systems and new engines etc. – this of course would lead to higher

9) Keep Your Car Safe and Secure

If your car is as secure as Fort-Knox, there is less chance of it been stolen
and your car insurance premium will be cheaper!

Fit it with an alarm, a steering lock or even a tracking device, and keep it in
a garage or on a drive!



10) Don’t Overestimate Mileage  

Don’t say you drive more miles than you do! The more you are on the
road, the more chance you have of being in an accident and the higher your
insurance quote will be.

To get the best deal, take a note of your annual mileage.
You can use this great mileage calculator as a tool to help you figure out how
often you are on the road…


Keep in mind however that you may invalidate your policy if
you lie and go over your projected mileage!

11) Increase Your Excess

I know that sounds
scary at first but here’s the deal… The standard excess (the amount you
have to pay towards a claim) on most
policies is around $200 (£150), but if you are willing and agree to increase
this, your car insurance quote will most definitely be reduced!

12) Don’t Claim

If you do decide to go for a higher excess it is common
sense not to make any claims for minor accidents. Why? Well according to
Uswitch.com and other insurance companies, clocking up just one year of no
claims will generally save you 30% on your next premium! So protect your no claims bonus!

For more info visit:

Miss Out The ‘Optional’ Extras

Optional Extras are ‘optional’ for a reason and
they come at a price! Insurance companies will play on your vulnerabilities
when you are completing the policy purchase by offering you break down cover and courtesy cars but you don’t really need to add them to
your policy.

If you do need any additional benefits then work out the costs but
don’t pay for additional cover if you don’t need it.

14) Name a Second Driver

This is again particularly beneficial if you are a young
driver. Many insurance companies reduce your premium if an older and more
experienced driver is also on the same policy. BUT DO NOT FRONT THAT SOMEONE

UK Drivers Take Your ‘Pass Plus’ Test

If you are in the UK, you should take the Driving Standards
 Pass Plus course.
Some insurers will offer discounts for
Pass Plus qualified drivers. 



16) Pay Your Car Insurance Annually

Once you have
done all of the above to find the best car insurance for you, if you have
access to the money to pay your premium in one go, you will save even more
money! This is the cherry on the cake!

monthly means paying more interest rates which means your rate is more
expensive. Ask your insurer what they difference in prices would be, although
they will always tell you anyway so pay attention. It might be more convenient
to pay monthly but if you can do it one go you really should.

17) Double-Check Your Quote & Policy

THis is a big purchase for you so be sure to check the prices you have been given against other companies and make sure you have covered all the details of the policy and the points above which will results in you getting the cheapest deal for yourself.

This is an awesome tool for checking two different policies against each other.


18) Don’t Lie!

We know we have pointed out ways to
reduce your car insurance but as tempting as it is, it is important that you
don’t lie! This could prove immensely costly if you are found out and might
mean you are not actually covered by your insurance.

We want the best deal for you but there
problems with cheap car insurance
so make sure you are covered.

19) Don’t Risk Driving Without

It is illegal, it is dangerous, it will
be hugely expensive
 for you in
the long run and it is NOT COOL!

20) Read This Article!

By keeping these points in mind when you are searching for your car insurance you will most certainly save some of your hard earned cash so use our list as a ‘checklist’ through out the whole process. It will SAVE YOU MONEY!



If you have any other tips you feel should be added to the list get in touch with us on twitter @carhootsuk or at www.carhoots.com/contact-us if you want to research or buy a car go over to www.carhoots.com!

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