2013 Frankfurt Motor Show Preview | VIDEO by Raw Driving Films

The 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show kicks off later this week, so here is your guide to the show in video form.  

The Frankfurt Motor Show begins later this week and it is arguably the largest motor show of the year. It’s so big in fact that you drive between stands rather than walk, because if you walked between the various manufacturer stands you’d collapse from exhaustion and, sadly, perish, probably. 

So because this motor show is so monumentally massive we decided that we should put together a blog previewing the show and discussing the many, many vehicles that will make their public debut in Frankfurt this week. But to save you from scrolling endlessly and reading thousands of words before eventually contracting the fuzzies, we enlisted the help of our friends from Raw Driving Films who put this handy Frankfurt Motor Show preview video together.

So all you have to do to become an expert on many of the new cars that are set to be unveiled at this year’s show is watch and listen to Raw Driving’s video. 

You are welcome. 

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