2014 BMW 2 Series and M235i Finally Official | Photos

Welcome, people of the Interwebs, to the first ever BMW 2 Series Coupe.

The 2014 BMW 2 Series is perhaps the worst kept secret of 2013 in the world of cars. It has quite literally been leaked at least once a month over the past, maybe eight months. Then a few weeks ago some South Africans leaked all of the performance and model lineup details. And this week in the lead up to the car’s ‘official’ reveal 2 Series details have been leaked every day. Seriously. So, if we’re honest, the 2 Series, despite being a completely new car, seems a bit er, not new.

But still, it’s a handsome enough looking car, the 2 Series. It’s based on the current 1 Series hatch so there’s only so much that you can do to make it pretty, but the proportions are bang on, and the from the side at least, it just looks like a slightly shortened 4 Series Coupe – a very attractive car itself.

At the front there’s no evidence that this car is related to the wonky looking 1 Series hatchback either. The headlights are swept back, the kidney grille is three-dimensional and all of those sweeping creases give it an aggressive look.

The rear, to these eyes at least, is a little less resolved. Like the 2 Series’ predecessor, the 1 Series Coupe, the car has a stumpy bum, but the old 1 Coupe managed to make it work because its rear end was quite round and chunky which gave the design more volume. The back of the 2 Series is squarer, and this is subjective criticism, but I don’t think it looks quite right… Without the Camry-gold paint and with an M-Sport body kit fitted it’s much less of an issue. So there’s a top tip, order your 2 Series with the M-Sport pack!

Inside it’s pretty standard 1 Series fare, but that’s no bad thing. The 1 Series hatchback’s cabin is well thought out, functional and it’s a comfortable place to spend time. That said, the rear seat headroom will obviously be reduced due to Coupe’s sloping roof line.

Initially two petrol and three diesel engines will be offered in the 2 Series, each offering varying levels of performance and efficiency. All models send drive to the rear wheels only in typical BMW fashion through a standard six-speed manual gearbox or optional eight-speed automatic.

Here come the numbers. The range kicks off with the 218d which uses a 2.0liter turbo diesel engine producing 143hp. Zero to 62mph takes 8.7 seconds but this model delivers a pretty impressive 65mpg. Next up is the 184hp 220i which uses a 2.0liter petrol engine and takes 7.0 seconds to reach 62mph, it’ll do 46mpg, too. Then there’s the 220d, which essentially uses a slightly more powerful version of the 218d’s 2.0liter turbo diesel engine producing the same 184hp as the 220i but a chunk more torque, this one does 0-62mph in 7.2 seconds and 62mpg. The 225d is the most powerful diesel-drinking 2 Series model with 218hp, it does 0-62mph in 6.3 seconds and can deliver 60mpg! This one could be the pick of the bunch; on paper the balance between performance and economy is just damn impressive.

There is however, an even better version of the 2 Series Coupe available, it’s called the M235i (the red car pictured). And it. Is. Awesome. The M235i is powered by a 3.0liter turbocharged straight six engine producing 326hp and 322lb ft of torque, it gets from zero to 62mph in 4.8 seconds when equipped with the eight speed auto or 5.0 seconds with the manly manual. Along with the big engine the M235i gets, pumped up front and rear bumpers, bigger brakes, new wheels, M-tuned suspension, sports exhaust, and a spruced up interior with a racy M-Sport steering wheel. You’ll be able to option a proper limited slip differential as well. Excellent.

The M235i looks so much meaner than the slightly apologetic looking gold 220d car pictured. And it doesn’t suffer from the whole strange-looking bottom issue either. We want one. Quite badly.

Exact pricing is yet to be announced but expect the pricing to closely mirror the existing 1 Series Coupe range which starts at £22,600 or $31,500 USD. 

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