2014 BMW 4 Series Convertible Images Leaked

Images of BMW’s brand new 2014 4 Series Convertible have been leaked along with a hat-wearing 4 Series Coupe…

We’ve seen the BMW 4 Series Coupe now and we’ve, essentially, seen the hotted up M4 model as well. So it was only a matter of time until the new 4 Series Convertible appeared looking not especially interesting or unlike the other 4 Series models. Granted, in the above photo it is wearing a sort of bicycle backpack and the 4 Series Coupe has a funny hat on… Which is fun. 

The open-topped 4 Series uses a metal folding roof, which you can’t see in these leaked images because it’s hiding in the boot.

Slicing the roof off of a car generally makes it handle like jelly so the 4 Series chassis will be strengthened for use in convertible form. Mercifully, the suspension will be adjusted accordingly to compensate for the extra flab and flex as well.

Engine options will be the same as those offered in the 4 Series Coupe and 3 Series models. At the bottom of the range there’s a 2.0liter diesel with 184hp, and at the top there’s the 435i which uses a 3.0liter turbocharged straight six with 306hp. And in the middle there are lots of other petrol and diesel engines with varying amounts of horsepower (read 4 Series Coupe story). Oh, and there will eventually be an M4 Convertible, too, and that’ll have 430hp and be very, very fast.

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