2014 Cadillac CTS Revealed Ahead Of The New York Auto Show

With the hype around unveiling of the Cadillac CTS 2014 ahead of the New York Motor Show, Cadillac have revealed teasing photos of the CTS to get our pulses racing.  
Guys across the pond in Europe must be wondering what is in the water in the the good ‘ol U.S of A’ because suddenly, U.S cars appear to be able to navigate – and conquer – corners and now, they’re even becoming a bit, wait for it… luxurious. 

Cadillac CTS New York Auto Show

We saw yesterday at Carhoots.com teaser photos of the new luxurious Mercedes S Class, but a prime example of U.S luxury is the new Corvette. The interior is no longer from the 90’s and instead it’s full of cowhide, soft plastics and generally pleasant materials. And now we have what you see above, the new Cadillac CTS, the luxurious and sporty American sedan for the average cheese burger enthusiast, a car which has an interior to rival that of the BMW 5 Series – well, it’s more interesting at least.

You’ll notice that outside it looks rather nice with its striking LED headlamps, smooth side profile and elegant rear end. Inside it’s much the same; it’s a subtle blend of leather, genuine looking tree, and shiny piano black finishes, there’s even some suede! The thick rimmed steering wheel emblazoned with the classic Caddy emblem is adorned with gazillions of little buttons that let the driver know that they’ve really made it in life, and subtly hints that maybe the person sitting behind it should lay off the McDonalds and perhaps indulge in something a little more fancy, and fancy doesn’t mean something from the upper class ‘M Selections’ McDonalds menu – you hillbilly. The electronic handbrake gives a similar feeling as it prevents classless folk from doing smoky handbrake turns.

Cadillac CTS Interior 2014

To be honest, I can’t really imagine a toothless, confused and angry hillbilly ‘rollin’ in one of these ‘Caddys’, and it’s not because of a lack of shotgun storage space either. No, this one’s more for the quietly successful businessman or the slightly well off baggy trouser wearing, gold tooth sporting gangster. 

What I find particularly interesting about this new car, though, is the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Particularly the size of them, they’re larger than what you’d normally find in reasonably priced cars. Perhaps they’re just a bit bloated like much of America, or maybe it’s because the CTS has an unexpected hankering for going around corners since large paddles are what you want during exuberant driving. Hopefully this means that much like its smaller sibling the ATS, the CTS will be pleasantly surprising in terms of vehicle dynamics.

Cadillac CTS Interior

Full technical details are being kept quiet until the cars official unveiling at next weeks New York Auto Show. However, last week Cadillac took the wraps of its new 3.6liter twin turbo V6 which produces a staggering 420hp and 430lb ft of torque. This power plant will reside beneath the muscular bonnet of the top spec CTS (not the CTS V, that’ll have a ‘Merican V8, obviously) and promises to hit 60mph in under 4.6 seconds – blimey. 
Be sure to check back next week for full details on all the mechanical bits and features in the new Cadillac CTS, and find more info on the New york motor auto show here.
By Aiden Taylor ( @AidenT_RD )

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