2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Laps The Nurburgring Quicker Than The Lexus LFA Supercar! | VIDEO

America’s cut price 911 GT3 has stormed around the Nurburgring quicker than several supercars, including the Lexus LFA and Ferrari 458! 

We knew that the Camaro Z28 meant business when it was revealed at the New York Auto show earlier this year. It just looked like it wanted to maul a bear and then eat one of those cutesy Porsche 911s.

Let us just remind you of what the Camaro Z28 is exactly, apart from a terrifying monster built by cheeseburger enthusiasts, obviously. It’s a stripped out, pumped up version of the new Camaro. At its heart is a massive 7.0liter naturally aspirated V8 producing 505hp and 470lb ft of torque, and it’s hooked up to a very manly six-speed manual gearbox which sends drive to the rear wheels. Compared to the supercharged ZL1 Camaro, the Z28 is 136kg lighter and does without air conditioning, but gains grippy tyres, carbon ceramic brakes, and Recaro bucket seats.

But that’s all old news. What’s new, er, news, is that the Camaro Z28 has literally just demolished the Lexus LFA around the Nurburgring and licked its chops. This American muscle car bad ass has beaten a stratospherically expensive supercar by just over a second, putting in a 7:37.47 at the Nurburgring. Hell, it’s even beaten the Ferrari 458! Impressed? We certainly are. Watch the video below. 

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